Sensing Punggol Booklet Design

SPANG&LEI explores interdisciplinary collaboration as a precarious yet sustainable methodology; with “analog”/traditional modes of performance making such as corporeal embodiment, puppetry and performance-art coexisting and thriving in tandem with technology and experiential design. SPANG&LEI has identified and is committed to three core areas of interest; first, archival & research into the performance of everyday life. Second, sensorial formation through participatory encounters and lastly, the study of participation as form mediated through technology.

The Boring Agency was tasked to design and come up with the visuals for a 48 pages booklet about the campaign for "Sensing Punggol". The wires, signboards and colours reflect the vibrancy, art and the smart neighbourhood that Punggol is. With icons and illustrations to represent the use of technology around the Sm(art) neighbourhood.

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